Washington Post Forces Name Change For ABC News Web Series

On Monday, March 9 ABCNews.com launched “The Fix,” a daily Web series featuring various ABC News correspondents and anchors.

TheFix2_3.21.bmpWell, last week, WebNewser has learned, lawyers from The Washington Post sent a cease and desist letter to ABC News telling them the name “The Fix” is theirs. And it appears ABC News has complied. On the front page of ABCNews.com there is a section of stories, but no mention that they are part of the series.

On the day ABCNews.com launched The Fix, WebNewser reported The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza uses the title for his Twitter profile. It’s also the name of Cillizza’s blog at the Post – a blog he’s written since 2005. WebNewser has also learned ABCNews.com is in the process of coming up with new names for the series.

So, what is driving The Washington Post to take this so seriously? And should ABC News give in? After all, ABC News and WaPo often partner on editorial projects most notably the ABC News/Washington Post poll.

> Update on Sunday at 10pmET: An insider tells WebNewser a new name is coming and there will be a video on ABCNews.com soon from Bill Weir explaining it all. From John Berman’s Twitter feed (@ABCDude) it looks like the name is revealed. He tweets: “What is the biggest question on your mind? About anything. Need ideas for the ‘Quick Fix.’ Any question: serious, smart, funny..even lame.”