Washington Examiner Hires Guy With Hard to Spell Name

In what is by far an infinitely harder name to spell by heart than BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski and even CNN’s George Stroumboulopoulos, the Washington Examiner has hired on Meghashyam Mali (think “hash” and “yam”) to be a new Assistant Managing Editor. He will work alongside the two AME’s they already have. Mali comes from The Hill, where he was a web editor.

He’s something of a smartypants — a graduate of Emory and University of Chicago Law School.

See the memo from Editor Stephen Smith, who refers to him as “Meg.”

I’m pleased to announce that Meghashyam Mali, now a Web Editor at The Hill, will be joining the Washington Examiner as an AME. Meg will report to our webmeister ME, Jennifer Peebles, and work alongside AMEs Cathy Gainor and Bob Kemper.

At The Hill, Meg helped create a dynamic website through the selection of articles and graphics on the homepage, augmenting stories with multimedia content, including photographs and video. He has also oversaw reporters, assigned stories, wrote headlines and edited copy — all of which he’ll do here, only more so.

A graduate of Emory University and the University of Chicago Law School, Meg was previously managing editor of the website FrumForum. Before that he spent a half dozen years as a freelance writer. It is sincerely hoped he got fiction out of his system.

With his web skills and journalistic experience, Meg will be an important addition to our ever-evolving website and magazine.

He starts at the Examiner on Wednesday Sept. 4, and I hope everyone will join me in welcoming him to our merry band.

Cheers, Steve