“Warriors, Come Out to Play” (clink) (clink) (clink)


Contrary to some of the creative persuasion, we at UnBeige believe that video games are the future of design. Take the Namco game “Katamari Damacy” (shown above), or Rockstar’s “The Warriors.” We don’t even have to be the ones playing those games to be totally enthralled by the graphic detail (check out the Prince above–he’s got a snorkel on!), or, in some cases, graphic violence (we’re pretty sure we can see teeth flying out in those “Warriors” punches).

We would bet that those in the gaming industry are pretty competitive, since that’s kinda the point of having a gaming industry. So we’re challenging all game designers to submit your finest work to “Into the Pixel.” This competition, and subsequent exhibition at E3, elevates the genre because it’s judged by real museum curators and art critics, so it helps to give all you gaming warriors out there a little more street cred.

Game over March 3.