Warren Buffet Trading Cards: Beaters with Moof?


Attendees of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual gathering in Omaha this weekend will have the exclusive opportunity to buy limited edition Warren Buffet trading cards at only 10 bucks a pack.

While other Berkshire holding companies sell their stuff–Sees Candies sell candy, Geico sells insurance–PR industry services co. BusinessWire (acquired by Berkshire in ’06) conceived these Buff-Cards to raise money for CASA of Douglas County, Nebraska (Court Appointed Special Advocates), one of the Oracle’s favorite local charities.

If all 2,500 packs sell, that’s $25,000 for CASA. Not too shabby.

This begs the question: what’s $25,000 when you’re worth $62 billion? It’s equivalent to what you might find in your sofa cushions if you’re worth one million: 40 cents.

Baseball card collectors
might call that a beater with some serious moof (a card tattered by the spokes of a bicycle with a musty smell).

Thanks to Drew Kerr from Four Corners Communications, agency of record for BusinessWire for the tip.

In all seriousness, Buffett’s public image is stellar for more than his richest person in the World ranking. His decision to give a huge chunk of his Berkshire holdings to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation showed refreshing humility.