WARNING: Fake Emails From Twitter Are Phishing For Your Personal Info

A new batch of fake emails purporting to be from Twitter is making the rounds, trying to get people’s personal details and make money off of surveys. If you’ve received an email from “admin@twitter.com” asking for account verification details, here’s how to tell if you’re being scammed.

Digital security company Sophos first noticed the offending emails on Tuesday. They were alerted by one of their readers that “Twitter” (which wasn’t really Twitter at all) was sending around emails asking for users to verify their accounts, or else they would be suspended.

As Sophos reports, this email is not from Twitter, but rather from scammers who are trying to get you to fill out surveys. The entire email is an image which, when clicked, takes the individual to a survey website that asks for personal details.

If you’ve received an email like this, do not give away any of your personal information. Scams like this are trying to both make money off of the surveys you fill in, and steal your information.

You can tell that it’s a fake because of the embedded image, rather than text, as well as the fact that Twitter would never ask you to fill out a third-party survey to prevent your account from being suspended. Plus, the email isn’t exactly grammatically correct – there’s no way Twitter would send out an email without proof-reading it first.

The scammers were able to make it look like the email came from an official Twitter email account, which is probably how they’ll trip up some unsuspecting individuals. If you ever get an official-looking email from Twitter or any other company, be sure to do some independent research to verify its legitimacy before you hand over any details, including your username or login.

Image courtesy of Sophos

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