WaPo‘s Social Media Rules Confuse Facebook Friends With Real Friends|The AP App|Condé Cuts Are Unlike Other Cuts|Anonymous Sources

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BayNewser: The Washington Post‘s new social media guidelines: Facebook friends and Twitter followers are seen as real friendships, and possible threats to impartiality.

WebNewser: The Associated Press has introduced an iPhone app for its 2009 AP Stylebook.

New York Times: Cost-cutting is different at Condé Nast than at other media companies. Though publishers and editors at the company have been asked to trim their titles’ budgets by about 25 percent, the company is still allowing certain GQ staffers to expense up to $1000 for a trip from New York to Washington for a party next month.

Washington Post: Howard Kurtz examines the use of unnamed sources in three recent stories and the possible repercussions that could result from relying too heavily on them.

Video: Katie Couric talks to Barry Diller about paid content.