WaPo’s Ombudsman: “The Road Will Get Bumpy on Monday”

How to read WaPo Monday:

The daily Business section is being folded into the A section. Daily stock listings will be trimmed. Six comics and several games will move online. The television schedule will be reduced.

But “why are you doing this to my newspaper?” WaPo’s ombudsman Andrew Alexander explained in Sunday’s paper that the core reason was to save money. “A single page of newsprint in the daily Post, with its 650,000 circulation, costs roughly $2,500. A single page on Sundays, with its 870,000 circulation, costs about $3,500. Shaving two pages from each daily and Sunday paper can save close to $2 million a year.” Stock listings, comics, games and television listings were what Alexander called easy targets.

More from Alexander:

There are more changes coming for the newspaper. A major redesign is in the works. Post readers should keep their seatbelts fastened. And Post editors can provide a smoother ride by explaining not just what, but why.