WaPo’s Foyer Controversy: Explained

Earlier today on FishbowlDC: “We hear that a collage of the Washington Post’s history is being taken down in its foyer today, with nary an explanation.”

Now, an update, via a tipster:

    Post is painting over their photo-collage wall in the lobby, replacing it w/ a flat-screen TV that will show images from the daily paper. Paul Duggan in Metro via the Post’s internal messaging system: “I’m told the lobby collage of Post front pages from the long-ago previous century and the iconic photo of Katharine Graham and Ben Bradlee circa-Pentagon Papers is to be replaced with a flat-screen-TV slide show of photos from each day’s paper and the rest of the wall be simply paint. … Only one coat up there now, so it’s not all gone yet, just faded behind a cloud of beige. … Nice metaphor.”