WaPo Shows ‘Gov’ Love With New Site

The Washington Post has launched WhoRunsGov.com, a Web site comprised of in-depth profiles of key figures from the world of politics and government.

Initially, the still-in-beta site is focusing on top players from Washington, D.C., particularly in the new Obama Administration and Congress, but will eventually expand to include political officials from individual states as well as interest groups. Example: Currently, the site is highlighting a an in-depth profile of Timothy Geithner, Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary.  

In addition, WhoRunsGov.com features a news-driven blog called The Plum Line, which focuses on the roles of Washington players in regard to different types of policy, as well as breaking news. The Plum Line is authored by Greg Sargent of Talking Points Memo.

To populate the site’s growing collection of profiles, the company assembled a new editorial team, while also tapping several outside contributors. However, down the road the plan is to invite users to make contributions and even revisions to the site — which will evolve into something of a moderated Wikipedia for politics.

Though Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, the newspaper giant’s digital division, has been aggressive in recent years when it comes to launching new content sites, including the business-oriented The Big Money and the African-American-targeted The Root,  WhoRunsGov.com will be run by The Washington Post’s corporate office, said officials.

Current WhoRunsGov.com advertisers include AT&T/Blackberry and T-Mobile.