WaPo Rally Naysayer Will Attend With Bells On

It’s safe to say WaPo‘s Outlook page editor Carlos Lozada is a Doubting Thomas when it comes to today’s sanity and fear rallies. In last Sunday’s Outlook section, he wrote that today’s festivities were sure to be a let down. “Please Jon,” he implored. “There’s still time. Cancel the rally.”  He even suggested excuses: “Call in sick. Say you couldn’t get a sitter.”

Critics shot back, and it got personal. They said maybe Lozada’s bedtime was too early to watch The Daily Show and Colbert Roport – and maybe he just didn’t get it.

Lozada doesn’t typically write for the Outlook section – he edits it. But he made an exception for this. Today he’ll be there in the swarm of sanitygoers/fear mongers to see how it all plays out.  “Mr. Lozada, save the prejudgment, stop being part of the hyperventilating media, and join us at the rally,” writes reader Victoria Ross of Vienna, Va.

For whatever it’s worth, Lozada says he hopes he’s wrong. “As a big fan of both of these guys, I hope the rally will be a scream, a wonderfully hilarious afternoon that will only enhance the Jon Stewart brand and prove to be true satire, not another political rally,” Lozada told FishbowlDC. “But I guess the point of the piece was that I’m not exactly sure it will end up that way.”

We’ll check in later to see what Lozada thought of it. In the meantime, no egg throwing please.