New WaPo Owner is a Real Swell Guy, According to WaPo

In today’s edition of WaPo, reporter Paul Farhi gets Jeffrey Bezos’ first exclusive interview since Bezos’ purchased the Washington Post in early August. In an unsurprising bland observation, Farhi reports that Bezos  has high hopes for the future of WaPo in the coming years. Bezos’ new quest for a new “golden era” at the Post must’ve come as a great relief to Farhi, as the newspaper is taking a financial nosedive, a nosedive that caused the sale of the organization to Bezos after being owned and operated by the Graham family for the past 80 years.

After a search of WaPo‘s previous articles on Bezos since August 5th, it is apparent that his demanding management style used to guide Amazon’s success will be implemented at WaPo. Prior to August 5th, however, any WaPo articles about Bezos were less about the man, and more about his successes at Amazon. Farhi, not a total ass kisser, does hit some interesting points. Here are some highlights of what Bezos says:

  • “We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient,” he said. “If you replace ‘customer’ with ‘reader,’ that approach, that point of view, can be successful at The Post, too.”
  • “If we figure out a new golden era at The Post . . . that will be due to the ingenuity and inventiveness and experimentation of the team at The Post,” he said. “I’ll be there with advice from a distance. If we solve that problem, I won’t deserve credit for it.”
  • “It’s important for The Post not just to survive, but to grow,” he said. “The product of The Post is still great. The piece that’s missing is that it’s a challenged business. No business can continue to shrink. That can only go on for so long before irrelevancy sets in.”
It’ll be interesting to watch the changes Bezos implements at the shrinking publication, and if he’ll be able to alchemize a “golden era” or not.

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