WANTED Predicts Huge Job Gains In April

WANTED Analytics predicts that April showers will bring good job news in May. Er, terrible allusions aside, the company, which provides job outlook information to media, HR, and government, is saying that when the government reports job growth information for the month of April, payrolls will have grown by more than 200,000.


Five reasons: First, job board postings have “rising at a slow and steady pace, presaging continued employment gains.” Second, though WANTED doesn’t count craigslist jobs officially, it’s the largest job board by volume in the States and “is a good indicator of demand for low salary or hourly jobs.” Craigslist postings are also up.

Unemployment insurance claims are down (slightly) and the S&P is up.

Last, the census. The government’s expected to hire another 66,000 census workers this month and more than 300,000 in May.

All this adds up to a pretty rosy job forecast, but it’s just a prediction. More predictions will roll in next week in advance of the official report May 7.