WANTED: D.C.’s Hottest Media Types

The First Annual Fishbowl D.C. Top 10 Hottest Media Personalities in Washington Contest

Hot people have been making news this week both in Gawker and The Hill’s annual list of the 50 Most Beautiful People On The Hill (stop the snickering, please, we can hear you all the way over here).

In honor of those left out of these exciting and pointless contests, we’re announcing the first annual “Fishbowl D.C. Top 10 Hottest Media Personalities in Washington” contest.

The contest will be divided into two main categories, each featuring ten people: On Air and Off Air. That way, hunk David Gregory doesn’t have to go up against that beauty on the Style desk at the Post (you know who you are). There will also some special categories, including “Hottest On Sight” (Thalia Assuras?), “Hottest When You Get To Know Them” (Olivier Knox?) and “Best Accessorized” (Bill Plante‘s pocket squares anyone?).

Heading into the August doldrums of Washington, we’ll be taking nominations through Sunday night of this week and then unveiling the top nominations next Monday morning. Then you’ll have the week to vote before the winners are announced next Friday. Now’s your chance to nominate your favorite PA, DA, anchor, editor, reporter, scribe, producer, or ink-stained wretch.

The only criteria? Nominees have to work in the media and be based in Washington, D.C. Ipso facto, Jeff Gannon doesn’t count since he’s not currently employed in the media and Anderson Cooper doesn’t count because he’s not in Washington.

Email nominations (complete with links or photos if possible) to garrett AT mediabistro DOT com or use the tip box to the right. We’ll also accept suggestions for a better, less lame name for the contest.