Want To Work 15 Hours A Day? Might Have To At This Agency

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flickr: Ruud!

It’s not a good idea to make it all but impossible for jobseekers to apply at your company. Frustrating online ATS systems where you have to essentially cut and paste sections of your resume into five or ten little text fields—not fun.

But companies that can afford to be picky can afford to drop little bombshells that weed out the less-motivated competition.

We got this anecdote in our e-mail last week from Pollock Spark, a NYC-based coaching firm. In it, the firm tells about a talk from the creative head of Droga5, the “ad agency of the minute” that counts Puma, Unicef, and Rhapsody among its clients—and the first to win two Black Pencil awards.

“We spend a lot of time making sure that the people we hire are nice,” began Ted Royer, talking about his company’s hiring practices. “This is very important to us, after all we will be spending 12-15 hours a day in their company.”

And yet people mobbed him with resumes.

This is a perfect example of having a brand that everyone wants to work for—then companies can afford to hire the most enthusiastic, the ones who say “fifteen hours a day, eh? I want in anyway.”

And yes, yes, long hours are standard in the media world. But this seems a little extreme even for advertising.

That’s motivation.