Want to Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity? Kick Off Your Shoes (Really)

When we read this piece on Quartz, we really dug it.

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk and secretly taking off your shoes to let your feet breathe? (Or maybe that’s just us?)

Anyway, there’s a growing shoeless movement. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, one in four companies across the nation have a casual dress code during the summer and about one-third are casual year-round. It’s not clear what the policies are around footwear or lack thereof but according to the piece, shoeless workers may feel less stressed and work more productively, so says The Barefoot Alliance

Daniel Howell, the author of The Barefoot Book, explains in the piece, “Now there’s a moment: Get out of our shoes.”

The Liberty University biology professor adds, “We need to rethink shoes the way we rethought cigarettes.” He’s confident when Millennials move into management jobs, they’ll bring forth changes and make shoes optional.

”We’ll see a much more relaxed attitude toward footwear.  The younger ones coming up are much more open to the idea.”