Want to Land a Job Through Twitter?

Twitter is great for networking, but do you think you could ever land a job in 140-characters or less? SmashFly Technologies and TweetMyJOBS are bringing the social media job search to the micro-blogging platform in a recent partnership announcement, hoping that Twitter is just as useful as a job board as it is for celeb gossip.

Recruiters who are used to using Smashfly’s recruitment marketing platform can now access Twitter to expand their job campaign onto a new social network. Through TweetMyJOBS, recruiters using Smashfly can add Twitter to the roster of places on the web that their jobs will be visible, including Facebook, LinkedIn, job boards and even SMS.

TweetMyJOBS connects employers with employees in real-time, as job postings go live in the more than 10,000 job verticals organized by geography, industry and more. Job seekers who sign up have free access to job postings that will arrive in their Twitter feed, and they can post links to their resumes that will be sent to recruiters around the US.

This partnership shows that Twitter is being taken more seriously as a place where job seekers gather. Capitalizing on the instant, real-time availability of information, TweetMyJOBS makes an enticing offer to employers – you’ll find eager, current job seekers who are willing to start work today on Twitter. And who could turn down an offer like that?

Twitter won’t be the only channel that recruiters and employers use to attract potential candidates, but the fact that it is being lumped in with Facebook and LinkedIn as a viable social media job recruitment tool bodes well for the micro-blogging service.