Want to Get Rich? Work at Discovery

We always thought the way to get rich was working in finance. But, given today’s news, maybe we were wrong. There’s just too much insecurity. All this time we should have been working at Discovery Communications LLC, home of the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

According to Sam Schechner at The Wall Street Journal, the company, which is about to go public, paid founder and chairman John Hendricks $57.9 million last year while CEO David Zaslav made $19.1 million in his first year on the job. Much of the value came from Discovery stock price, which increased 52 percent during 2007.

For comparison’s sake, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman made $20.6 million, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves made $36.8 million and Rupert Murdoch made $32.1 million during 2007. So maybe we just need to be more of a big deal.