Wal-Mart, the Social Network Giant.

Everyone knows of the giant social networks out there. Massive entities that need no introduction and have one word names like Facebook, Twitter, or Cher. I have begun seeing these giants of social networks in a different light as of late.

The rise of the giant social networks has sparked and interesting new market in social networking world. A friend of mine sent me some information about a revamped social network created and managed by teens called Kiwibox that caters to a younger crowd.

Kiwibox is an interesting new entity in the social networking world: very targeted social networks that cater to a very select group. Every day we are seeing more and more of these networks. Why? It is because of Wal-Mart of course.

Not Wal-Mart directly but the the business model of Wal-Mart. Sites like Myspace and Facebook are trying to meet the needs of everyone at one low cost, easy to find, location. This is similar to what Wal-Mart does, tries to make as many people happy in one place but sacrifices quality and service.

To combat Wal-Mart businesses have started becoming niche market sellers. Places sell specific goods, of a higher quality and price, to a smaller group of people. This model works as a direct opposite of Wal-Mart’s model and is successful.

We see the same rise in social networks. Smaller, more targeted networks stealing the larger network’s market share by catering to a smaller group. These smaller networks are everywhere and all fighting for a piece of the big guy’s pie.

Will these smaller networks survive? I don’t know, but it is interesting to see how no matter how much business changes it really stays the same. The ebb and flow of the market is constant no matter what the business.

Do you think these smaller networks will last? Are they going to go the way of the dodo and die? Perhaps they will gain their own market and become acquired by the big guys? What do you think? Do you see yourself using them?