WakeMe: Wake up entertained with a social video alarm clock

Image via Red Line Labs
Image via Red Line Labs

While the world of mobile alarm clocks is already pretty crowded, the folks at newly formed Red Line Labs think they’ve created one to top all others with WakeMe, their “social video” alarm clock. The app aims to make waking up the best part of our mornings, rather than worst, with a variety of content that should make waking up a bit more enjoyable.

Red Line Labs pushes videos to users each morning to help them start the day. These videos can arrive from friends who have sent them over via the app (including their own videos from their everyday life), or can come from curated subscription feeds from a variety of topics. An “Adorable Animals” channel, for instance, may give users a video of a cute puppy in the morning.

Other channels provide content including news reports, sports recaps, comedy events and music. According to Red Line Labs, it has found these videos help stimulate users’ brains enough that they don’t rely on hitting the snooze button before getting out of bed. Furthermore, users are said to wake up happier because the content that woke them up was entertaining.

WakeMe joins a crowded alarm clock market on iOS. For instance, users looking for a snapshot of their day upon waking can try Red Hot Apps’ Now Alarm Clock, while Alarm and Digital Clock (our review) offers a look at the day’s weather and device’s battery charge when activated.

For now, WakeMe only supports social videos from YouTube, but the app will eventually support its own hosting service and integration with other content hosting sites. WakeMe is now available to download for free on iOS and Android.

Watch a trailer for WakeMe below.