VoiceTunes Adds Voice Activation to iPods, MP3 Players

For everyone out there who’s tired of scrolling through the hundreds of artists and thousands of songs on their iPod, One Voice Technologies has come out with some $30 software that takes the pain out of finding the tunes you want hear.

VTboxblk.jpgThe company’s new VoiceTunes software adds voice activation to your music collection. It works with the iPod, Microsoft Zune and most mass-market MP3 players, as well as on Windows XP and Vista PCs, TMCnet reports.

There’s no training involved in using the software, the company claims. Once the software is installed and the music library is scanned, you should be able to speak a song or album name, genre or playlist and it will begin to play.

What we don’t know is if it works with the iPhone, Chocolate or other music phones.