Vogue Launches Its First iPad App

Did you hear about what Lady Gaga did? Of course you did! She does things all the time! Things that Madonna did throughout the 80s, but who cares? She makes people talk and no matter how sick FishbowlNY is of her, we have to discuss her too.

The latest Gaga news is that she’s featured in the first iPad app from Vogue, called Vogue Cover Exclusive. The app, which costs 99 cents, isn’t built like most magazine apps. Rather than include everything from the print edition, it centers on the cover story – in this case, Lady Gaga – and offers completely new content on that subject.

For the debut, Lady Gaga gives an audio diary while on tour, a video interview and other exclusive features.

We hear Gaga even gives a tour of her Grammy egg to Anna Wintour, and things get a little sassy when Wintour insults the carpeting.