VNU Restructures, But Doesn’t Change Name — Yet


VNU plans to restructure its company into six “market-focused” groups headed by five executives, Folio: reports.

Under the plan, the company will now be broken into six operating groups and brands to be overseen by five senior vice presidents. The changes will take effect January 1.

Despite rumors that VNU Business Media is considering changing its name to something with “Nielsen” after its very-recognizable Nielsen Media Research division, Lori Rosen “would not confirm or deny reports of a name change.”

The restructuring comes on the heels of an August CEO change and layoffs and October executive shuffle that saw the promotion of Billboard publisher Jon Kilcullen to president of “the film and performing arts group” and publisher of the Hollywood Reporter — and moved his family to L.A. With the restructuring, Kilcullen retains double-duty as head of the “music” and “film.”


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