‘Virtual Nobodies’ Promoting the Nissan Juke For About $1,000

Rather than hiring celebrity endorsers for its new car, a rep at Nissan told FastCompany.com they’ve hired “virtual nobodies” to drive around in the first two Jukes available in the U.S.

Jason Sadler and Evan White, the two guys who started I Wear Your Shirt, are tweeting, blogging, and creating other online content for the new car brand at a cost to Nissan of about $1,000, much less than the usual cost to get a famous name to Tweet about a company. I Wear Your Shirt is a marketing and branding company, providing businesses with online promotional services as well as offline promotions, with workers wearing t-shirts for the companies that have purchased the space.

“You might spend a ton of money for someone with a ton of followers or fans, and then get absolutely nothing–it may just be a flash in the pan,” Sadler is quoted. “Nissan is not really taking that chance, because it’s not costing them much at all.” Still, it would be interesting to learn what comes out of this campaign.

The story also goes back to the discussion about popularity versus influence. Today’s the last day to cast your vote in the latest PRNewser Poll.

[Image via IWearYourShirt.com]