5 Shocking Viral Video Fails That Are Just Wrong

Have you ever seen a viral video campaign that made your jaw drop in disgust and had you asking, "What the hell were they thinking?" Here are 5 you have to see.

Have you ever seen a viral video campaign that made your jaw drop in disgust and had you asking, “What the hell were they thinking?” Sure, the shock factor is a great way to create a buzz and get people to watch your online videos. However, sometimes brands take things just a little too far and shock and appall viewers in ways that make viewers question the brand’s integrity. Is all buzz good buzz? Check out five viral video campaigns that may be more than a little bit appropriate after the jump and let us know what you think.

Domestic Violence: That’s Just Wrong

The inspiration for this post came from a new viral video that Courtney Cox and David Arquette put online to spread the word about domestic violence. The video starts out with Arquette, dressed in a furry animal costume, talking about how he and his wife enjoy getting freaky in animal suits. Jack McBrayer, who you probably know as Kenneth from 30 Rock, gets in on the action as well.

Sure, this furry celebrity sex tape is funny. But what is shocking to me is that after the comedic incident goes down we find out that this is a video campaign against domestic violence. Arquette says, “Domestic Violence is an issue that both Courtney and I are extremely passionate about brining awareness to. Of course the first part of the video we made for this campaign is ridiculous. But we felt it was important to create something that people would laugh at, and pass on to their friends and open the door to a discussion about domestic violence.”

I am of the opinion that domestic violence is not a subject that should be taken likely, and pairing it with a ridiculous furry sex video just doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t open the door to a discussion about domestic violence for me, but rather why these celebs thought it was okay to create this video in the first place. Check out the clip below and let us know what you think.

Internet Explorer 8 Brings You Vomit Girl

Big name celebrities like Cox and Arquette aren’t the only ones out to shock with their viral video campaigns. Big brands have shocked the web with appalling, disgusting viral ads as well. One of the grossest of these viral videos is brought to you by Microsoft, as part of a campaign to promote Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft asks if you suffer from O.M.G.I.G.P. AKA “Oh My God I’m Gonna Puke” and offers up Internet Explorer 8 as a solution. But is having chunky vomit in your video a good way to market your product? You be the judge.

Ford SportKa Decapitates Cats

When Ford introduced their SportKa, billing it as “The Ka’s Evil Twin”, they launched some truly “evil” viral videos along with it. One features a bird getting smacked and launched through the air by the SportKa’s hood, and another features…wait for it…a cat being decapitated by the car’s sunroof. Yes, you read right – a cat being decapitated by the car’s sunroof. That is just not okay on so many levels. I almost couldn’t believe it was a real Ford ad, but it is. And you can watch it below. (I should note that the clips are computer generated, but still quite disturbing).

Gushers Introduces Todd’s Gusher Gushing Eye

A couple of weeks ago we covered a new viral video campaign from Gushers, which features a kid named Todd that has a Gusher for an eye. The video has a catchy song, and it certainly has viral potential. However, does it leave the viewer craving Gushers? Definitely not. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I may never eat Gushers again, thanks to Todd’s disgusting gushing Gusher eye.

Rover 4G Shoots Hairball Vomiting Cats

In a series of ads for Rover 4G, a pay-as-you-go 4G mobile Internet service, a cat is shot in the eye, throws up a hairball and explodes. The videos aren’t as shocking as the Ford SportKa ad, as it’s clear that the cat is animated and not real. However, what does beating up on cats have to do with mobile internet service?