Viewzi offers a visual way of searching the web

viewzi.jpgWe’ve been covering several cool stuff here in Rotorblog, but Viewzi is by far the coolest web stuff we’ve ever covered and you would probably encounter. Search engine purists may not like Viewzi, but for the fun of it, they should give it a try. This is visual search engine at its best – this is Viewzi, your visual search engine.

From the words of the Viewzi founder:

Viewzi is a highly visual and very different way to search the web. Rather than throw millions of results at you in a big list, each search delivers a list of “views” – each containing a different mix of presentation and results

That pretty much sums up what Viewzi does. It’s a search engine that gives you several options to view your results. For instance if you search for “rotorblog”, Viewzi will give you the option to view your results by:

  • Amazon Book View – it will search Amazon’s database and give you a screenshot of the results (not your usual list of links)
  • Web screenshot view – coming from Yahoo search,
  • Basic photo view – coming from Flickr and Riya,
  • Video x3 view – search results from Veoh, Blinkx and YouTube,
  • Simple text view – this is your usual text-based search results from Google, Yahoo and,
  • 4 Sources view – coming from Ask, Google, MSN and Yahoo,
  • Reuters view – displays screenshots of results from Reuters,
  • Everyday shopping view – search results from eBay, Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon Product Search,
  • The Weather View – you won’t get a result for Rotorblog here,
  • Celebrity photo View – searches Just Jared and Google Images,
  • MP3 search View – searches seeqpod, mp3 realm, digital audio search

And when we say search results, we don’t mean your usual text-based results. Viewzi gives their search results by displaying the actual screenshots of those sites displaying the search results.

Here’s an example of a search result for Rotorblog as seen using Viewzi’s Web Screenshot View:


Neat eh?

Viewzi is currently on beta stage. If you want to try it out, just register at Viewzi to get your invites. The Viewzi people are very generous in giving out invites. You’ll receive yours in a jiffy.