VideoEgg Extends Advertising Network To More Than 50 Million Users

VideoEggToday, VideoEgg announced three new partnerships that will extend their video advertising network to more than 50 million unique visitors. The partnerships are with imeem, MetaCafe and Buzznet. VideoEgg, who previously announced a Facebook advertising network has had issues with filling the inventory provided via the Facebook network according to a number of developers that I spoke with previously. I’m not sure if VideoEgg has since increased their capacity.

According to an Adage article, advertising buys are still based on the number of eyes that view an advertisement, not the level of engagement as some have suggested would eventually become the dominant advertising vehicle on the web. As such, VideoEgg can expect to have an increase in demand for their services given the massive increase in viewers that the new partnerships have provided.

VideoEgg is an ad network that provides video advertisements across over 200 communities on the web. When users mouse over static image ads, the advertisements extend to display larger video advertisements. I’ve found that the advertisements don’t always display so smoothly. If you check out one of their example ads, you’ll notice that the videos quickly disappear when you move the mouse slightly away from the video. It makes sense but I had to mouse over the advertisement like three times prior to it displaying.

Regardless, VideoEgg is now the largest video advertising network for social communities. I have a feeling that VideoEgg will have continued success thanks to their excellent positioning. The only challenge now is to fill the millions of inventory spots provided by their vast network.