Video Chat with a Venture Capitalist at Google+ VC Office Hours

Google+ has introduced a new series called VC Office Hours, where prominent venture capitalists and angel investors will participate in live Google+ Hangouts and answer questions about starting new businesses and arranging investments.  It’s still a small program, but notable Googler Bradley Horowitz announced that some pretty major VCs will be participating in the weeks to come.

In the same vein as the President’s appearance, Google will choose 6-8 entrepreneurs, students or fans to ask the questions to the prominent venture capitalists.  Expect to see some not so subtle marketing-introductions as the people ask their questions to the gurus.  Each session will be 30 minutes, and will be available through an archive later on.

To sign up as a panelist, head over to the official post and make your intentions known.

The list of speakers is given below:

+John Lilly of Greylock Ventures
+Chris Dixon of Founder Collective
+Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners
+John Borthwick of Betaworks