Victore’s Plate Gets Fuller, Rubino Kills Animals

For those not stuffing themselves with cake last night in celebration of’s boa models, the place to be in NYC was the Art Directors Club. And that’s exactly where our Stephanie Murg was.


Designers James Victore and Chris Rubino headlined the third in ADC’s series of four Adobe-sponsored “Young Guns” events. The pair kept the crowd amused and riveted by discussing some of their DIY-flavored projects and how they relate to their client work.

Cliche-clobbering Victore hinted that he’s close to a deal to produce plates featuring his designs with Royal Tichelaar Makkum, the Dutch ceramics firm that has collaborated with the likes of Hella Jongerius. The venture would build upon a series of recent Victore plate exhibitions (at venues including Design with Reach and The Future Perfect) that stemmed from the designer’s habit of drawing on plates in restaurants during his salad days.

Victore emphasized that he went after the project, cold calling and e-mailing the company during a trip to Europe. For him, DIY doesn’t mean going solo. “Don’t do it yourself,” he told the audience. “At my studio, when we want to do something, the first thing we do is figure out who we know that can make this shit happen.” Among the shit they’ve currently got happening is work on the Yohji Yamamoto men’s collection, a line of handpainted surfboards, and, intriguingly, “starting a school.”


Rubino, who was off to Hong Kong today for the Tuesday opening of a solo show of his work, had the crowd in stitches over a series of his hilarious “Something I Saw This Week” snapshots. Then he talked about killing animals–specifically how the animal-adorned holiday packaging that he designed for Banana Republic led him to draw more animals that factored into a number of personal projects, until finally, he said, “I had killed animals.”

Our pick for quote of the night, however, came during Rubino’s discussion of the evolving poster-based work he has done for Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Ortiz‘s Labyrinth Theater Company. Explained Rubino, “The meetings are like, you won an Oscar, you won a Pulitzer, I’m eating pizza.”

Stephanie Murg