Verizon Wi-Fi Now Free to Notebook 3G Mobile Subscribers, But not 3G Phone Users (& not in my hometown)

Speaking of McDonald’s offering free WiFi by teaming up with AT&T starting sometime next month… Verizon has its own plans though not quite as readily accessible by the general public…

Verizon Wi-Fi Gives Mobile Broadband Customers More Ways to Connect to the Internet

Via GigaOm: Verizon’s Affair With Wi-Fi Heats Up

This new plan only applies to people who subscribe to Verizon’s Mobile wireless broadband service focused on notebook/netbook users. This includes those who have a MiFi. These customers now have access to Verizon WiFi hotspots in the U.S. Verizon’s WiFi network looks relatively limited compared to AT&T’s (a reverse of their 3G network situation). This does not apply to those of us with 3G phones like the Droid.

More information about the Verizon Wi-Fi service, including the 105 cities served (none in my home town, btw), is found at: