Verizon Now Carrying iPhones

After years of exclusively being available through AT&T, Verizon is now carrying the iPhone. It will be available on February 3rd for existing Verizon customers and on February 10th to the rest of the public. Verizon will sell the 16GB version of the iPhone 4 for $199 and the 32GB version for $299.

Lowell McAdam, president/COO of Verizon, announced the partnership at a press conference today in New York. According to multiple Twitter posts, McAdam said, “If the press writes something long enough and hard enough, eventually it becomes true.”

The iPhone will have Facetime, an HD video camera, and a retina display. It will run on a 4G network and include a special Wi-Fi hot spot feature. Mobile Crunch reports: “Additionally, it looks like it’ll have at least one feature that the AT&T model doesn’t (currently): WiFi hotspot, which allows the iPhone to act as a Cell-Data-Fueled-WiFi router for up to 5 devices.”