Verizon iPad 2 Recall?

A shipment of iPad 2s destined for Verizon customers has reportedly been recalled. The news broke last night, as Apple customers began to complain on a message board. Apparently iPad 2s that were out for delivery on FedEx began showing up as ‘return to sender’ items, as customers were expecting them.

Here is more from the message board: “Apple instructed the iPad be returned to them. I called Apple and they said ‘3000 people are having the same problem’ and ‘we WANT you to have an iPad’, and they were ‘working on it’. They said to keep watching the tracking of the package. Well, I did that and now FedEx gas given it a new tracking number and my iPad is on its way to California, where it will presumably sit until this is resolved. Bye-bye iPad.”

9-to-5 Mac got a tip that the shipment is bad. Here is more from the blog: “Apple has given all the stores a list of serial numbers to scan, if it’s a match we were told to set aside and ship back to Apple, these are only for Verizon ipads. This was to be done on Monday and continue to scan all shipments thru June 11. I had over one hundred to send back.”