Verizon Gets It! HTC Touch Pro2 Priced at $199.99 Starting Sept. 11

According to the Boy Genius Report, Verizon has managed to figure out something that apparently eluded both T-Mobile and Sprint’s marketing brain trust: Pricing the HTC Touch Pro2 at a reasonble and competitive subsidized price…

Verizon Wireless Touch Pro2 to land September 11th, $199.99

The HTC Touch Pro2 is apparently the the flagship Windows Mobile smartphone for 2009. It is the first Windows Mobile smartphone that I know of that will be available from the four biggests cell phone carriers in the U.S.: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, & Verizon. It features a high resolution (800×400) tilting screen with a pull-out physical QWERTY keyboard. And, despite its lack of what I consider to be critical keys – Windows, Tab, OK, left & right soft keys – it is a keeper (I bought one last month).

Both T-Mobile and Sprint are selling it at what I think is an unreasonably high subsidized price of $349.99. Compare this to AT&T’s subsidized price of the iPhone 3GS with 32GB storage for $299. The Touch Pro2 doesn’t even ship with 1GB of storage at its high T-Mobile and Sprint price point.

Verizon may not have the iPhone (yet). But, they do have a good selection of alternatives including BlackBerry and Android phones.