Verizon Finally Admits to False “Unlimited” Plans

Remember that story from a while back about how Verizon’s “unlimited” data plans actually had a cap of 5GB per month? And that they were lying to their customers, charging upwards of $60 per month and then saying that they couldn’t do anything beyond simple Web browsing and e-mail?

Engadget reports that it’s payback time: “The company has recently agreed to ‘reimburse the terminated subscribers for the cost of the laptop cards or laptop-connected cellphones’ they purchased in order to surf the mobile broadband highway, and moreover, it’ll be shelling out $150,000 in ‘penalties and costs’ to New York state.”

Now, of course, Verizon says loud and clear in its agreement terms that there’s a 5GB limit for their BroadbandAccess plans.

Verizon pays up for disconnecting heavy users of unlimited data plans [Engadget]