Verizon COO Expresses Doubts on Mobile Ads

According to Media Daily News, A top Verizon exec said Wednesday he has doubts about consumer tolerance for advertising on mobile devices and the company will proceed slowly in that area–if it enters at all.

“I will tell you that this is one area that we will not be first to market,” said COO Denny Strigl at an investor conference, according to the report. He said that if Verizon, which operates a mobile TV service as part of Verizon Wireless, opts to make a strong play in the advertising space, he strongly favors a system where consumers have to opt in: “My concern is what do customers really want,” he said.

That would be great, but lots of mobile campaigns have ignored this bit of common sense. Let’s hope that other mobile ad companies take heed, because the last thing consumers need on their cell phones is a repeat performance of spam, ad-infested mobile sites, and preroll video commercials.

Verizon Moves Slowly On Mobile Ads, Will Expand Telco To Metro Areas [Media Daily News]