Verified Twitter Account Bug Leads To Settings Lock-Down For All Users

Do you have a verified account on Twitter?

If so, did you notice anything funny with your profile picture today? Though we think the issue verified users were facing is pretty funny, we’re guessing Twitter (and the folks affected) probably weren’t laughing.

What IS a verified Twitter account? It’s a Twitter account that has been “verified” by Twitter (using some secret selection process that they do not share). Verified accounts have the little blue check next to the person’s name that looks like this:


And today, Twitter Support noticed there was an issue with verified users’ photos.


What was the problem that Twitter disabled profile settings changes for ALL users? According to TechCrunch, there was a Twitter bug that was apparently swapping out the avatars on some accounts, so the folks at Twitter got a little stressed. Obviously:


It’s all fixed now, but what a weird bug. Wonder what happened? A hacker having a little fun and giving Twitter’s new hacker hire, Charlie Miller a run for his money?

(Mirror image from Shutterstock)

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