Venture Capitalist Says PR Firm ‘Sucks *ss’ For Emailing Him Off Topic Pitches


This is a theme that just won’t stop. Yet another blogger has written an anti-PR tirade, this time specifically blacklisting one PR firm, Atomic PR.

PRNewser readers may recall that other bloggers and media personalities, including Wired editor Chris Anderson and Lifehacker’s Gina Trapani, have posted their own anti-PR missives, including firms that are blacklisted from their inbox.

The latest public shaming comes via venture capitalist Jason Mendelson [pictured] of Foundry Group, who says AtomicPR “sucks ass,” for sending him too many email pitches and not allowing him to opt out of their lists. He published the emails of several AtomicPR employees and said:

Don’t hire them. And PLEASE link, share and retweet this post, so that when folks search for ‘AtomicPR,’ the Google gods rank this post highly.

Atmomic PR founder Andy Getsy hopped in the comments of Mendelson’s post and wrote his own tempered response on the agency’s blog, where he mostly faulted media database company Cision, but also took the blame for not keeping the agency’s lists up to date.

UPDATE: Getsy writes in and says, “I don’t really think it’s Cision’s fault – we should have had a better mechanism for keeping Jason free of unwanted contact…I was simply pointing out that his profile on Cision is likely a factor in PR people creating lists with him on it.”

While Mendelson is angry, Atomic can point to this glowing client review from Jason Putorti, the digital designer behind, who recently said:

PR was extremely high quality traffic for us, and the optics for the brand were undeniably good. We trounced all of our online competitors, including Quicken — who sent us legal threats. [Founder and CEO Aaron] Patzer talked to every outlet from Entrepreneur to Essence. was acquired by Intuit for $170 million. Getting back to the situation at hand: While it’s unfortunate that Atomic didn’t keep their email lists up to date, do you think Mendelson’s response went too far?