Venture Capital Investors to Speak in D.C.


A panel of angel investors and venture capitalists will be speaking in Washington D.C. on July 27th about how to get venture funding for your business.

Venture investing network designed the “Angel Investor and Venture Capital” event to help businesses connect with venture capitalists in the Mid-Atlantic area. The panel will focus on early stage investing, VC-friendly business sectors, and how to actually get a VC to write you a check. A networking cocktail party will follow.

“We try to organize events that are educational, fun, and good networking opportunities,” said Joe Rubin, director and co-founder of FundingPost.

The ability to explain clearly and concisely what your business does is essential in getting venture funding, according to Rubin. Companies attending the $75 event will also have a chance to give a 2 minute elevator pitch to VC panelists, and speakers and attendees will receive summaries and contact info for all businesses involved.

Attendees can register for the D.C. event on the FundingPost web site. FundingPost has been holding VC panel discussions in D.C. for the past 7 years. The group holds similar events in 19 cities across the U.S. Upcoming panels are also scheduled to take place in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Panelists in D.C. include John F. Frankel, founder of ff Asset Management, Dave Troy, investor with the Baltimore Angels, Hannah Clifford, an associate with the Paladin Capital Group, Todd Klein, managing partner of Legend Ventures, Lenard Marcus, investment manager with the Edison Venture Fund, and Janet Yang, principal with Novak Biddle Venture Partners.