Venice Architecture Biennale Launches iPhone App


Have the private jet gassed up and ready to head off to catch the Kazuyo Sejima-curated Venice Architecture Biennale? If you’re reading this site, of course you are (we started up that system where people can only see us when logged on through a private plane’s wifi, right Stephanie?). That said, when you arrive tomorrow for the opening previews, you’ll be pleased to know that the Biennale has just launched their very own iPhone app specifically for the event. Designed by the firm Red Glasses, the apps’ purpose is to guide you around the famously confusing labyrinth that is Venice, as well as a host of other Biennale details. Here’s the rundown:

  • Where am I? (and what is near me right now): a detailed city map so that you can find your location, Biennale venue locations and get directions. With an inbuilt list of useful Venice locations you can also bookmark your own hotel, so you will never lose your way home.
  • Events: what is happening, where and when. A calendar of events with map locations
  • Bars and Restaurants: having visited a pavilion or attended an event, Biennale App also helps you find useful places like nearest bars and restaurants — use the restaurant booking link to make that often incredibly elusive dinner reservation
  • Live buzz: keep up to date with the latest news on events and exhibition openings through the BiennaleApp twitter feed
  • For those of you who somehow got through our security and are reading this now, even if you aren’t going to Venice, you’d likely have a good time just scrolling around seeing what’s going on. Just make sure you don’t “use the restaurant booking link” for nefarious purposes, okay?