Vatican Doctors: ‘Pope Francis Needs to Lay Off the Pasta’

Bless me Father for I have removed the basil.

Pope Francis PizzaWhen you are the leader of the world’s largest Christian denomination, you really should be a man of the people. It’s a good look when acolytes can relate to a guy, and if that guy is the “Patron Saint of PR,” even a doctor’s report can help him score brownie points.

That’s exactly what Il Papa ordered.

The Telegraph (UK) reports that Vatican doctors are advising Pope Francis, 78, to “adopt a more disciplined regimen to combat stress and strain.”

In other words, there’s a muffin top of pasta congealing under that linen toga and the brother needs to cut a few slices of pie from the holy diet.

Why? Maybe consult his prayer life.

“The only thing I would like is to go out one day, without being recognised, and go to a pizzeria for a pizza,” he told a Mexican television channel, comparing his life in Rome to his days as Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

It may need be a word from the Lord, but if you ask the masses: PR Win by a mile.