VandeHarris: The Analysis

Okay…so the flurry and fury has died down slightly since this morning’s big news about Jim VandeHei and John Harris leaving the Post. Here are some thoughts to consider…

  • Who else is going to join VandeHarris?

  • What will happen to Chris Cillizza, who went from the Post’s #3 political reporter to #1 overnight? Will he leave and join VandeHarris? If he stays, will the Post finally scrap that byline?

  • What does it mean that the Post’s AME/Enterprise is moving to politics? Does this mean less enterprise because the staff will be that much leaner?

  • What’s going to happen to the Post’s 2008 coverage (especially if Cillizza jumps ship)? Without VandeHarris and Cillizza, things could get rough…

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  • This obviously takes Harris out of the running for AME/National, obviously (assuming he was ever in it). Does that mean it’s a gimme for Susan Glasser? David Hoffman, the AME/Foreign, is still in the mix too (Rajiv Chandrasekaran as his potential replacement). Is Michael Abramowitz still a candidate? Or would the Post not dare pull yet another political reporter off the “streets” to put him on the desk (given the recent losses in those ranks).

  • How do the Post’s senior editors handle this staff turmoil and inability to hang on to top talent?

  • Who’s loyal to Harris on The Post’s political team, and are they likely to follow him to the new venture?

  • Interesting CBS partnership, considering that Allbritton owns an ABC affiliate.

  • The last DC journo who pulled a stunt like this, former AP’er Ron Fournier, started a website––that has yet to take off. Although HotSoup and the VandeHarris venture are different, will their online effort track Fournier’s progress? (i.e. Will it be, as Wonkette puts it, just another…well, just go read for yourself)

  • How much did Allbritton offer VandeHarris to jump ship? How much
    did the Post counter-offer?

  • One anonymous tipster writes in:

      All this Capital Leader news. Now it makes sense. Who’s the smartest gal in town? Anne Schroeder