Utah’s gay community “calling for action” against Miller’s Mega-mall

Gay Community News is reporting that “Utah’s gay community is calling for action” against Larry Miller‘s Sandy Megaplex cinema after their controversial decision to pull screening of the gay film “Brokeback Mountain” last weekend. 3468591.jpg

We are a-twitter for two reasons. One, we are both astonished and delighted to learn Utah even has a gay community.

And two, we imagine that local GLBT groups are – even as you read this – mobilizing a massive nighttime paratrooper drop of activists (“Operation: Lavender Tabernacle”) just outside Salt Lake City. We envision a terrifying phalanx of angry florists, flight attendants and set designers, as well as a few lesbian gym teachers thrown in for street cred – and we shudder.

May God have mercy on your soul, Larry. If I were you, I’d get down on both knees and pray to St. Judy this instant. Only she can save you now.