Useful Twitter Account of the Week: @neiltyson

He’s everybody’s favorite astrophysicist, and he tweets like a pro. He’s Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson), and he’s my pick for this week’s useful Twitter account to follow.

Not many people can make science “cool” – Bill Nye, Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Emmett Brown come to mind. But even among these science elites, Neil deGrasse Tyson stands out. He’s making the science of the stars approachable, and his tweets prove that genius doesn’t have to be for the fringes.

Tyson tweets mostly about space-type things: shuttles and stars, planets and Pluto (which he has shown is not a planet), the universe and UFOs. His Twitter account is among the most interesting, funny, and unique of those I follow, and I didn’t even take science after high school!

Tyson’s tweets are so amazing, I think, because they relate a lot of what’s going on in the world to the larger questions of the universe. Tyson is able to link Bin Laden with humanity’s quest to reach the moon, for instance:

“Two American goals that took a decade, and more than $100 billion to achieve: 1) Walk on the Moon 2) Find Bin Laden”

And he gives us a pretty unique perspective on “Earth Day”:

“April 22: Happy Earth Day. Hatched in late 1960s after the Apollo landing. By going to Moon we noticed Earth for first time.”

His is a supremely thought-provoking Twitter account, and I guarantee you’ll learn something new about space, space exploration, and even life itself within a few days of giving him a follow.

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