Useful apps for grad students

Image via Penultimate
Image via Penultimate

Between classes, research, advisor meetings and day-to-day activities, the life of a graduate student is always busy and always filled with different notes and papers. The four apps below can help grad students organize every aspect of their packed lives, leaving at least some time to relax and recharge.

Developed by Evernote, Penultimate is a mobile app that turns an iPad into an old-fashioned notebook, allowing grad students to write their thoughts about a variety of subjects across the screen. It combines all of the benefits of a tablet with the old-school benefits of handwritten notes, and while the app does require the purchase of a stylus, it is one of the most useful mobile apps for any level of student.

For research-based graduate students, the most useful app to download is Mendeley. This app works like a personal research assistant, allowing a student to organize, cite and share research, complete with a digital catalog of research papers and references. Users can also create personal libraries of their research for each project using the app, which is available on the iPhone and iPad as well as on the Web.

The Apple app Pocket is also extremely useful when it comes to research. This app allows users to bookmark articles they may not have time to read at that particular moment, allowing them to read these articles without the use of Wi-Fi later on. Formerly called “Read-it-later,” this app is simply designed and can be used on a variety of devices.

Developed for collaboration, Mindmeister is another app that every graduate student should be using daily. Similar to Google Docs, users can invite collaborators to their creations by email. Then, a user can start a “thinking session” for their “mind map,” where Mindmeister will highlight changes made by other users and allow chat between group members in real time. Mindmeister is available for the iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.

All of these apps will help make the hectic schedules of graduate students a little easier to deal with, and maybe even allow some of them to grab a few moments of blessed (but so hard to come by) free time.