USB Host Enabled on the NookColor

It’s been some months since the NookColor has been hacked, and it keeps getting better. First came the ability to run third part apps, and then Bluetooth was enabled, and most recently the NookColor was hacked to run MeeGo, a completely different OS.

About a week ago a hacker successfully enabled USB Host support on the NookColor. You can now plug in a keyboard and the NC will recognize it. You can also plug in USB thumb drives and add external storage, or you can add a webcam (not all models will work).

This hack is based on a NC running the open source firmware Cyanogen Mod7, which is good news for the cautious adopter. The hack will very likely be added to a future stable release of CM7, so you won’t need to run the risk of bricking your NookColor.

via XDA-Forums

image by Brian Sawyer