USA Today Network Launches Virtual Reality News Show

Get your news while being "VRtually There."

USA Today is going all in on virtual reality with the launch of VRtually There, a news program presented in virtual reality.

VRtually there will utilize USA Today’s vast network to cover a wide variety of topics, from politics to sports to music. And of course, any time there’s a new platform, there’s new advertising options.

“We are excited to work with innovative brands and agencies to invent VR advertising products and virtual branded content experiences,” said Gannett chief revenue officer Kevin Gentzel, in a statement. “The USA Today Network’s commitment to storytelling, utilizing VR, sets us apart in the news media space. We are equally focused on connecting our readers to brands in VR. Within GET Creative, our branded content studio, we have talented and experienced VR videographers who are working hard to help invent this new advertising medium.”

VRtually There is expected to launch this spring.

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