USA Today Founder Fires Off Angry Letter to Paper Regarding Jeep Ad

USA Today founder Allen H. Neuharth has an issue with what the company does for money these days. Amid staff cuts and realignment, Neuharth doesn’t like the full-page ad USA Today wrapped around its front page last month.
This upset Neuharth to the point where he sent a harsh letter to USA Today‘s publisher David L. Hunke. The New York Times obtained the letter, which said:

There’s room for argument over which have been USA TODAY’s best front pages in its 28 years history. There is no doubt which has been its worst!

It goes on to add “I’ve never received as many sad comments from past or present USA TODAY or Gannett people as I have this one.” And declared that he would have led the entire newsroom staff out in protest of the Jeep ad.

Tough words from the founder, but if the ad saved a few jobs, it can’t be that egregious of an offense. Neuharth stepped away from the paper 20 years ago, but continues to write his “Plain Talk” column for the publication.