US State Department Creates Arabic Twitter Account

The US State Department has created another social media entity, likely in response to the protests in Egypt. Their latest Twitter account is an Arabic-language account that has largely been used to tweet about the current situation in Egypt.

The @USAbilAraby Twitter feed is the official State Department’s Arabic-language Twitter account, being called the “US Department of State Arabic Media Hub” in its description.

Created Wednesday, the Washington Post reports that this account tweeted the following as one of its inaugural messages:

“The US foreign ministry has recognized the historic role of social media in the Arab world and we want to be part of your conversations”

The Post also notes that the account is using Modern Standard Arabic, which is a more formal type of Arabic than a lot of youth on social media seem to be using.

The account has nearly 700 followers as of Thursday afternoon, and it appears to be gaining momentum.

The majority of tweets from the State Department’s Arabic Twitter feed are currently about the protests in Egypt. Most of them are tagged with hashtags – which have periodically become trending topics – related to the events, including #jan25 and #egypt.

This is a positive move for the State Department, as it reaches out via social media to the Arabic-speaking world.