Urban Airship Partners with Gimbal for Improved Mobile Engagement

Urban AirshipMobile relationship management company Urban Airship has announced its partnership with Gimbal, a location and proximity mobile engagement company, to introduce a new push notification functionality to marketers. This partnership will allow marketers to send personalized push notifications to shoppers’ phones, while taking into account a variety of information, including a shopper’s location in a physical retail store.

The technology supports both real-time and historical location data, which can track a user’s location to an area as big as a continent, or as specific as standing near an aisle end-cap in a department store, which is near a proximity beacon. Gimbal’s technology helps companies trigger message campaigns based on a user’s arrival or departure from a specific location, among other factors.

Marketers can combine this location data with Urban Airship’s user segmentation technology, combining attributes to target users based on their in-app behaviors, previous clicks on call-to-action buttons and more. Urban Airship says this addition of “contextual insight” to push messages increases user response rates by four to seven times, when compared to non-targeted messages.

For a real-world example, let’s say a shopper is in a clothing department at their favorite store. Using historical data, marketers can determine that said user only shops for clothing items when they’re on sale or otherwise discounted. If that store has a new selection of clothing they’re looking to advertise, the user could receive a real-time push notification offering them a 25 percent off discount for that clothing. The deal has been tailored to the individual consumer, based on their location near that clothing in the store, and their previous shopping habits.

Urban Airship calls this “in the moment” mobile engagement, and it will also allow marketers to take advantage of the interactive notifications, message center widgets and digital wallets available on modern mobile operating systems.

“People have their devices on them and in-hand wherever they go, which makes bringing the physical and digital worlds together a new and exciting frontier,” said Brent Hieggelke, CMO of Urban Airship, in a release. “With several joint large-scale engagements already under our belt, we’re excited to formalize our relationship and bring together the two companies that dominate the core technologies necessary to streamline ‘in the moment’ mobile engagement and maximize its opportunity.”

Users interested in learning more about Gimbal and Urban Airship’s partnership and marketing solution are encouraged to register for an upcoming webinar.