Upworthy Constructs a Solid HR Story

Nicole Carrico, Jennifer Lindenauer and Ben Zagorski get a well-crafted welcome.

We’re a little late to this Upworthy announcement, but we thought it was still worth highlighting because of the various ways the post diverges from the dry norm.

1) It starts with the engaging, narrative headline. The folks recruited are from Discovery, The Guardian and The Daily Beast, but that’s not what Upworthy leads with. Bold; refreshing.

2) Then there’s the way Upworthy has highlighted each individual. True to the headline, they have put storytelling first. Among the notable devices is the fact that each quote – from incoming head of content collaborations Nicole Carrico, vice president of marketing Jennifer Lindenauer and chief revenue officer Ben Zagorski – is dropped in at the very end, paragraph-separated and italicized. Here for example is Carrico’s comment:

3) Finally, the bio portion of each new “Upworthian” in the memo from Eli Pariser and Peter Koechley winds its way to an informal personal mission statement. In the case of Carrico, a professional skill is tied to her latest professional move:

Nicole’s philosophy that branded entertainment isn’t cleverly disguised commercials but an opportunity for a publisher to leverage sponsor dollars to bring great content to the screen is what led her to Upworthy. We’re really glad it did.

Well done.

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