Update: Tampa Tribune Pays Up After YouTube Video Flap

Last week, when we posted a video made by freelance writer and FishbowlLA editor Tina Dupuy seeking payment for an opinion piece from The Tampa Tribune, our commenters were unsympathetic of her plight.

“If she made no mention of payment or terms if they ran it then she isn’t covering herself,” said one.

“Boo Hoo, now you know how newspapers and magazines feel,” said another

But every freelancer knows pain of fighting with a delinquent client over payment — whether its for payment of $50 or several hundred. The next time you’re faced with this dilemma, you’re wise to follow Dupuy’s lead and post a YouTube video. As the update above explains, three days after posting her video, Dupuy received an email from Tribune editor Jim Beamguard requesting her social security number so she can be paid.

And, when she tried to hit up the editor of the LA Daily News for some money she is owed, Dupuy learned that videos like hers also give some free (and much needed?) publicity to struggling papers. But hopefully papers won’t be holding on to payments in the hopes of getting some free publicity. That would be very bad news for freelancers.

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